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Fish collagen peptides + Verisol 500 ml strawberry kiwi

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Collagen for Joints Fortigel® 1000 ml Pineapple

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What are the different types of collagen?

Collagen hydrolysate is the main structural component of the skin and accounts for more than 80% of its dry mass. It is known that the properties of the skin are primarily influenced by nutrition and hormones, endogenous factors that affect aging and ultraviolet radiation. The clinically proven collagen peptide der marke Verisol® for skin and nails, Fortigel® for joints .

Collagen is a fibrillar protein (one of the three main types of proteins that differ in the shape of the protein molecules) that is made up of peptide chains. Bioaktive verisol collagen peptide are themselves part of amino acids.

To date, 28 types of Kollagen are known, which differ from each other. We will focus on the first three types that interest us the most:

There are several types of collagen, each with its own structure and function.

  1. Type I : This is the most abundant type in the body (menschlichen körper) and is found in skin, bones, tendons, and other connective tissues. It provides structure and strength to these tissues and is often used in skincare products and supplements for joint health.
  2. Type II : This type is primarily found in cartilage, which is the tissue that cushions joints and provides flexibility and support. It is commonly used in supplements for joint health and to support cartilage repair.
  3. Type III : This type is found in skin, muscles, and blood vessels. It helps to support the structure of these tissues and is important for overall skin health and elasticity.
  4. Type IV : This type is found in the basement membrane, which is a thin layer of tissue that surrounds and supports cells in various organs and tissues. It helps to maintain the integrity of the basement membrane and is important for organ function.
  5. Type V : This type is found in hair, cell surfaces, and the placenta. It plays a role in cell adhesion and tissue development.
  6. Type X : This type is found in the growth plates of bones and is involved in bone formation and growth.

These are the main types of Kollagen found in the body, each with its own unique structure and function. Kollagen supplements often contain a combination of these types to support overall Kollagen production and tissue health.

The origin of the Kollagen, animal or fish.

Kollagen supplements are typically derived from either animal or fish sources, each with unique properties and benefits. Here’s a breakdown of both origins:



  • Bovine (Cow): Commonly sourced from the bones, hides, and connective tissues of cows.
  • Porcine (Pig): Derived from the skin and bones of pigs.
  • Chicken: Usually sourced from chicken cartilage.


  • Type I and III: Found in bovine sources, essential for skin, hair, nails, and bone health.
  • Type II: Often found in chicken sources, important for joint health and cartilage support.


  • Skin Health: Supports skin elasticity and hydration.
  • Joint Health: Provides support for joint function and mobility.
  • Bone Strength: Contributes to maintaining bone density and strength.



  • Marine (Fish Collagen): Derived from the skin, scales, and bones of fish, including species like cod, salmon, and tilapia.


  • Type I: Predominantly found in marine sources, crucial for skin, hair, and nail health.


  • Bioavailability: Often praised for high bioavailability, meaning it is more easily absorbed by the body compared to other sources.
  • Skin Health: Particularly beneficial for skin, helping to improve hydration, elasticity, and overall skin appearance.
  • Sustainability: Often considered more environmentally sustainable, especially if sourced from wild-caught fish or sustainable fisheries.

Choosing Between Animal and Fish Sources

  • Allergies and Dietary Preferences: Marine sources might be preferable for those with allergies to certain meats or for pescatarians.
  • Bioavailability: If absorption efficiency is a key concern, marine options are often recommended.
  • Specific Health Goals: Depending on whether you’re focusing on skin, joints, or general health, you might choose one over the other. For instance, marine sources are often recommended for skin health due to high Type I content, while bovine sources are favored for a broader spectrum of benefits including joint and bone health.

Ultimately, the best type for you depends on your specific health goals, dietary restrictions, and personal preferences. Both animal and fish-derived options have their unique advantages and can be effective in supporting overall health.

The type of collagen (one of the market leaders in Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) is Verisol®, for example, whether flavored or unflavored) is also important.

Verisol® (bioaktive kollagenpeptide) is constantly tested in clinical studies and proves its effectiveness.

The number of servings in a jar is very important because a large jar may only contain 10 servings. MST® Nutrition has 40 servings and more.

What type of Kollagen do you prefer to take, powder, liquid or tablets?

Collagen Liquid


  • Convenience: Ready to drink, making it easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle.
  • Absorption: Often claimed to be quickly absorbed by the body.
  • Flavor: Often comes in flavored varieties, which can be more enjoyable to consume.
  • Marken Rohstoffe Fortigel®, Verisol®


  • Cost: Typically more expensive than powders or tablets.
  • Storage: Needs to be refrigerated after opening and has a shorter shelf life.

Collagen Tablets with Vitamin C (vitamin c trägt)


  • Convenience: Easy to take with you and consume without preparation.
  • Taste: Tasteless and odorless, which can be preferable for those sensitive to flavours.


  • Dosage: Less flexible dosing; you’re limited to the dosage per tablet.
  • Absorption: Some people believe tablets may be absorbed less efficiently compared to powders or liquids.

What is the best form of hydrolyzed collagen?

Collagen is divided into two main groups: animal collagen and marine collagen and plant collagen:

Animal collagen

At a chemical level, all collagen proteins are of animal origin. You can see it on the jar called collagen hydrolysate. Animal collagen comes in the form of bovine collagen and porcine collagen.

Marine (Fisch Kollagen)

It is extracted from the upper cells of the skin and the underlying tissue of marine fish and other aquatic creatures. This protein is considered more effective because it is completely absorbed through the stomach walls. It is often labeled as Collagen Marine on the can.

In what form is it better to buy Kollagen: liquid, capsules or powder?

In powder form

This is the most common form of collagen, which is inexpensive compared to the other forms. The powder is often of the second type, which, as we already know, is intended for joints and ligaments. It is needed by athletes for the preparation of special sports shakes. Like all such substances, collagen in powder form is perfectly dosed. After swallowing, maximum adsorption into the walls of the gastrointestinal tract occurs and digestibility occurs within half an hour.

in Capsules

Capsules offer a convenient and familiar form of collagen supplementation, similar to encapsulated vitamins. They come in a gelatin shell that easily slides through the gastrointestinal tract and dissolves almost instantly. Inside, they contain the same powder found in jars. However, capsules are usually priced slightly higher than the simplest form.

Liquid form

This ready-made shake is the most convenient way to consume collagen. Often combined with supplements such as zinc, copper, biotin, and more, liquid collagen is quickly digested and absorbed in the stomach. MST® Nutrition supplements stand out for their pleasant taste and consistency, thanks to the high-quality Verisol® bioactive collagen peptides enriched with biotin, zinc, vitamin C, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Emphasizing allergen-free clean label quality, this product ensures top-notch standards. Simply add water to a shaker and enjoy a nutritious boost.

Tablet form

Collagen in tablet form is about 2 times more concentrated compared to capsules. Taking 4-5 tablets 1 to 2 times a day is enough to meet your daily needs. If that doesn't confuse you, this is a great and very convenient option.

It is possible to combine the above options, but it all depends on the goal. Active people need collagen powder or a ready-made liquid suspension to reach their peak form. Tablets are suitable as a simple general strengthening supplement to a vitamin complex.

Benefits of MST® Nutrition's Collagen Peptides

MST® Nutrition offers high-quality bioaktive kollagenpeptide with several added benefits, making them a comprehensive choice for supplementation:

Enhanced Formula:

  • Nutrient-Rich: Contains vitamin C (vitamin c trägt), biotin, zinc, and other vitamins, eliminating the need for separate vitamin C supplements.

Quality Manufacturing:

  • German Engineering: Produced in Germany under strict GMP and HACCP quality standards, ensuring pharmaceutical-grade purity and safety.

Great Taste:

  • Pleasant Flavor: The taste is enjoyable and consistent, making it easy to consume regularly. It can even be taken without dilution.


  • All-in-One: The inclusion of multiple essential nutrients in one product simplifies supplementation.

MST® Nutrition's collagen peptides offer a tasty, high-quality, and nutrient-rich option, perfect for those looking to enhance their health routine with ease and efficiency.

Daily Collagen Requirements and Intake Guidelines

Collagen is essential for maintaining healthy joints, skin, and nails. The daily requirement for collagen is approximately 5000 mg of collagen powder. This need increases with age as the body regenerates connective tissue and muscles more slowly and less efficiently. Here's how to properly incorporate collagen into your daily routine:

  1. Duration and Timing:
  • Collagen should be taken for a period of two to three months.
  • It is recommended to take collagen half an hour before meals.
  • Distribute the daily portion evenly throughout the day.
  1. Preparation and Consumption:
  • Dilute a serving of collagen in 150-200 ml of water at room temperature and consume it in one go.
  • Avoid mixing collagen with sweet drinks that contain additional sugar.
  1. Evening Intake:
  • A second dose of collagen can be taken in the evening, about two hours before bedtime.
  1. Dietary Considerations:
  • Minimize the intake of fast carbohydrates and sugar while taking collagen.

To explore the various forms and prices of collagen, visit the MST® Nutrition website. You can conveniently place orders there, with products shipped from Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg throughout Germany, and to various countries in the EU, including France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Clean Label Quality: What You Need to Know

Definition and Meaning: Clean Label Quality (clean label qualität at) refers to food products made with minimal, natural, and easily understandable ingredients. The goal is to gain consumer trust and transparency by avoiding artificial additives, preservatives, and unnecessary chemicals.

Special Offer for UK Customers

MST® Nutrition offers free delivery to the UK for orders over 60 euros on their official website. Take advantage of this fantastic offer to save money and conveniently order your favorite MST® Nutrition products. Be sure to check the terms for free delivery and ensure that your order meets the minimum value to qualify for this benefit.

MST® Nutrition's collagen, made in Germany, is backed by extensive collagen research, making it an excellent choice for enhancing joint health, skin vitality, and nail strength.Scientific investigations:

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  2. “The oral intake of specific bioaktive kollagenpeptide has a positive effect on thickness”


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